HELLO! I will be on a book tour until mid-March and cannot accept any commissions until that time. If you’d like to be put on the waiting list to find out when portraits become available again, please email me!

In addition to pet portraits, I am available for human portraits, custom drawings and design work.  To inquire, please email.


Custom pet portraits, painted from photographs!  A nice way to honor your pets and decorate your home at the same time.

Please send an email outlining your answers to the following questions.
You will be quoted a price and an estimated time for completion.  Shipping costs are not included in your estimate.

 Please email me here with answers to the questions below.

NOTE:  Thank you for trusting me with this dedication to your pet. Please let me know if there is anything specific you desire. Other than that, I work best with wide parameters, free to improvise or let your pet’s photos speak to me and dictate what pose, facial expression, and color-scheme would be the best for each painting.

1. I offer pen and ink drawings in black and white, and acrylic paintings.  Which suits your needs?

2. If you choose a painting, would you like it on Canvas or wood?

3. What size would you like?

4. Are you interested in having your painting covered in thick, clear resin?

5. Do you have any special requests for this portrait?

6. All prices quoted on portraits from the chest area up.  Full body portraits subject to additional fees

7.When do you need your portrait?
Please allow time for your custom portrait to be completed. I ordinarily book up far in advance (especially during the holidays), and will quote you an estimated date of delivery. This can be anywhere from two to twelve weeks.

8. What is your budget?

Pen & Ink 8 x 10″ drawings start at $240. Paintings start at $350 for an 8″ round wooden plaque or square canvas and go up from there. $450 for 10 x 10″, $550 for 12″x12″. All prices listed are for a single animal.

9. I work from photographs
I prefer four to ten quality photos of your beast. The more expressive and head on, the better!

I prefer physical photographs/copies to emailed versions.

10. Deposit
A deposit of 50% is required up front before the painting/drawing will begin. This can be in any form of cash, money order or paypal.

11. Sit back and relax!

You will be emailed a proof before the portrait is delivered.  The remainder of the fee will be due upon receipt of the proof, before the work is actually shipped.

In the case of dissatisfaction, your amount will be refunded after painting/drawing is returned.