Nicole J. Georges offers readings, lectures, and workshops to people ages eight to one hundred and eight. She has been teaching and performing for over a decade.

Teaching: Nicole is a Sunburst Award winning teaching artist, and has worked with The Center for Cartoon Studies,  Young Audiences, The Independent Publishing Resource Center, Writers In The Schools, and The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls to provide comic & self publishing workshops & long-form residencies to adults, children, and at-risk youth.

She currently works with senior citizens at the Volunteers of America Marie Smith Center.

Readings: Nicole has toured the country extensively both alone and with Sister Spit, Microcosm, and the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls. She has given multimedia readings and artist lectures to thousands of people in colleges, theaters , bookstores & coffee shops.

Live Advice: Nicole will give live advice at your event, and in fact, loves to bring her Ask Nicole column to life as she answers audience members anonymous questions about romance, finance, pets and more.

Aerobics: Nicole is the co-founder of Homorobics, and is very happy to lead body-positive, queer-friendly Punk Aerobic classes at your school, library, or community center.

Email for rates & class descriptions.