Elders: Nicole J. Georges & the seniors of the Marie Smith Center

October 31, 2016

Elders: Nicole J. Georges & the seniors of the Marie Smith Center I’m thrilled to have had my work as a cartoonist & a volunteer highlighted in this short film by Heather Rigby.

Corin Tucker & Aubree Jordan

October 17, 2016

Two great episodes! Episode 36: Corin Tucker joins Nicole to give advice on artistic accomplishment and choosing your path in life. We do review some cookies and discuss the riot grrl media blackout as well….

Lets Get Rabid Love !

September 26, 2016

letsgetrabid: A very poor and unflattering likeness of the host of my favorite podcast, Sagittarian Matters, with her producer Ponyo. Logging at least fifteen minutes a day of drawing time has been a struggle lately…


September 23, 2016

FETCH IS FINISHED!!!! Coming July 2017: “Fetch: How A Bad Dog Brought Me Home” with Mariner Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) The book was drawn in 8 different cities in 2 different countries over the course…

Advice and Black Wave with MICHELLE TEA!!!

September 12, 2016

Advice and Black Wave with MICHELLE TEA!!! Advice special with Michelle Tea!!! Today Nicole is joined for  advice on Punk fashion, kissing, cunnilingus, class issues and more by author Michelle Tea!!! Find her book, Black…

Excellent Advice with Lorelei Lee!

Excellent Advice with Lorelei Lee! Lorelei Lee is an actor, screenwriter, activist and adult film star. She writes an advice column called “Ask Lorelei: Advice from a Feminist Porn Star” , and joined Nicole to…

Mushroom Coffee & JOHN JENNINGS!

Mushroom Coffee & JOHN JENNINGS! First, Morgan Grundstein Helvey returns to the podcast to sample & discuss (potential aphrodisiac) Mushroom Coffee. Then, an interview with JOHN JENNINGS! John Jennings is an Eisner winning scholar, artist,…

LESBIAN BED DEATH with Jessica Lanyadoo & Lex Vaughn

August 5, 2016

LESBIAN BED DEATH. Identified & defeated by Jessica Lanyadoo, Lex Vaughn, and myself this week on Sagittarian Matters.


Dear Nicole, Just wondering what your cure for lesbian bed death is. Asking for a friend. Thanks. -Meg in Minneapolis Dear Meg, I opened this up to the internet and got a HEAP of advice…

Mariko Tamaki!!! (plus advice on editing)

August 4, 2016

EPISODE 26: Mariko Tamaki!!! (plus advice on editing) Today I travel to Oakland to discuss bangs, editing, tattoos, chickens, and writing with Mariko Tamaki. She is a writer who collaborated with illustrator Jillian Tamaki on…