A comprehensive review of the Golden Girls, by Bea.

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Using every type of pen for one drawing.

Ben was struggling trying to get people to exercise today, but then Leola showed up and wrecked the scene! She was jamming to Aretha. Bea is back, and went deep on the “Advanced Style” coloring…

We just sold a bunch of original drawings on etsy for cheap cheap. Including this cat and the doily. Other drawings are of RoadRunner, an eyeless dog from KC, and my own creature, Ponyo! I…

Driftwood Magazine took a photo in my workspace as part of their “Vegan Faces” project. ❤️

Please come visit me this weekend at Crafty Wonderland! I will not have this controversial Dee Dee Ramone haircut, but I will have something going on. I’ll be at the Convention Center December 13 &…

ASK NICOLE: Advice on the “Butch Buyer’s Market” with special guest, sts. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Happy 8 Year Anniversary, Tell It Like It Tiz!!! Marc Parker and I have officially been sitting with seniors for 8 years this October. Http://tellitlikeittiz.tumblr.com