Thank you for being a part of this project.

I was watching a Miley Cyrus special on MTV last night, and she called her current situation a “Movement”. I guffawed and snorted aloud, but after I woke up this morning, the word “movement” was stuck in my head; and when thinking about this project and how to address the people involved, it seemed appropriate.

Thank you for being part of a movement.
This project has touched the lives not only of the senior citizens within the pages, but those around them. It’s made things at the Center seem simultaneously lighter and more serious (as in, we heard them and we take them seriously). It has helped enrich community.

The book came home from the printer in August, and was first released in a private party at the Marie Smith Center. Thanks to your support, every senior citizen and staff member got a book. Marc and I did a reading and slideshow from the book, and true to form, seniors were shouting over us in response to the images and laughing out loud. People approached our table in wheelchairs and walkers, got books inscribed to them, and were beaming with pride. Even elders who weren’t featured in the book were thankful.
The following week, I overheard a small white-haired woman (who always looks the grouchiest) begin talking about our book to a participant who had it in their hand:
“Tell It Like It Is? I have that…”
I braced myself for her to say something grouchy…
“I love that book. It’s a great book.”
Readers, I almost died of happiness! In that moment I felt like we’d achieved our goal.
I’m sorry to note that one of our participants, Reba, has passed away since the publishing of the book. I am happy to note that she lived to see her name in print, and her family was very happy to have their mother featured in our project.
Now that the first phase of the release (the senior citizen portion) is completed, on to you!

We are packing up your books this week. We will be sending them out ASAP.
I apologize for the delay. It is single-handedly my fault. Since finishing our Kickstarter I’ve moved to Vermont to teach at the Center for Cartoon Studies.
When I made my timeline goals for this project, I under-estimated the amount of time that I’d need to wrap things up in Portland before embarking on a cross-country quest. Lesson learned!
I have just now finished signing and hand-drawing pictures in all 130 of your books.
If you are a super-backer, your rewards above and beyond the books will come to you before Christmas.
Thank you for your patience!
I am excited for you all to see the results of your funding. I hope you like the book, and I hope it gives you a sense of the community you’ve helped build.
The movement!
I think I speak for Marc and myself when I say that it was an honor to have you involved in our project.

Please keep in touch, and let us know how you liked the book!

Nicole J. Georges