Our secret weapon on Sagittarian Matters is producer Chris Sutton. He puts together every podcast you hear, listening to upspoken interviews tirelessly behind the scenes, and without him I would be “just a bitch with an iPhone” (quote, mine).  If you live in Portland or Olympia, you already know Chris. If you are from afar, I have great news for you, which is that you can:

a) gaze at this childhood photo, which is outrageous and could inspire fertility in even the most frigid of lesbians.

b) Listen to his radio show, Saturdays 5-6 p.m. on Xray.fm

c) Follow him on Instagram @hellbookss or twitter @hornetleg , or here on tumblr itself: @hornetleg

d) Go crazy googling all the bands he plays and has played in: Gossip, Dirtbombs, Chain & The Gang, Hornet Leg, Hooded Hags, Spider & The Webs.

Keep up with Chris! The reason for the season. Lover of comics, art, travel & music!