2024 Emotional Support Animals Anonymous Fuzzball Calendar

by Nicole J. Georges.


This is a full-color calendar, 5.75 x 7.18″, printed at Brown Printing in Portland, Oregon on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Features 12 months of support animals, with an extra worksheet at the very end that you can fill out, copy, or redraw yourself all year!



Fulfillment provided by Kill Rock Stars. Email Rob@jealousbutcher.com with shipping inquiries.


International Shipping Quotes!

If you are ordering 1-3 calendars Internationally, these are the shipping rates:

UK: $15.44
Canada: $13.54
Germany: $13.78
Japan: $16.39
Australia: $40

If you are not charged the proper amount at checkout, please send the difference to nicolejgeorges@gmail.com on paypal, or I’ll send you an invoice!


NOTE: If you live somewhere where the postage is just too extreme, but you really want these animals in your life,  don’t be forlorn- I will be posting a high-resolution digital version of this calendar sometime in September/October. 

Why are they not just included at checkout? Because I am not that good at automating shipping charges, apparently! It’s a one woman, one blind pom-chi operation over here.


Thank you for your patience!

184 in stock (can be backordered)