My adaptation of Calling Dr. Laura, about family secrets is out now with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Find it wherever you get your podcasts!!!

‘Relative Fiction,’  the new podcast from OPB

Nicole Georges grew up believing that her father was dead. That’s what her family told her, after all. But when she was in her 20s, a palm reader told Georges something different. Turns out, that palm reader was right. Sent into a tailspin, Georges becomes an amateur sleuth, piecing together the different stories about her father and why he was kept away from her. Was he the conman grifter who abandoned her at birth, or was he the loving family man that coached little league and always hoped she’d find him? Based on the award-winning 2013 graphic memoir “Calling Dr. Laura,” this six-episode podcast will take us through Georges’ investigation, the stories she was told, and the rollercoaster of belief and identity she went through in the process. Because if family is a story we tell ourselves, what happens when those fictions break apart?