COMING SOON : Sagittarian Matters

A podcast with your queer, feminist, cartoonist host, Nicole J. Georges

Produced by Chris Sutton and Ponyo Georges

Theme music by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs of Bouquet

Featuring interviews, advice, and stories with:

Advice to young writers and building a life with Michelle Tea

Advice about hand holding and personal comic talk with Ariel Schrag

Tour stories from Beth Ditto

Real Talk about having a tv show, with Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Queer comics, queer undergrounds & academia with Justin Hall

Making the first move with Liz Prince

Food hoarder travel advice with vegan bodybuilder  Lacy Davis

Declaring a cartoonist’s life for yourself with Megan Kelso

Kissing and Long Distance help from Ellen Forney

Kissing advice from Kelly Froh

Dogs and Cats forever with Sarah Dougher

Expired food adventures with Morgan Grundstein Helvey

Business advice from Beth Pickens, Chris Vargas, & Greg Youmans

Getting beat up in Montana with Rocco Kayiatos

and MORE.

In the meantime, please enjoy these videos of Nicole & Morgan reviewing strange and expired treats.