Nicole and Morgan try vegan tuna called “Toona”. You’ll never guess what happens next. (Source:

Sagittarian Matters: Video Edition.  Nicole & Morgan try to eat some expired biscuits with Nicole’s face on them. Magic ensues. (Source:

My favorite advice column ever was when I turned the reigns over to Graham and Diane. Advice on eyeliner, apologies, and cohabitation herein. (via (Source:

Using every type of pen for one drawing.

Nicole has wrapped up the Australian leg of her tour! Pictures to come!

ASK NICOLE: Advice on the “Butch Buyer’s Market” with special guest, sts. (Source:

The zines “Outpunk” and “Fat Girl” saved my life as a teenager. Thank you to V.Vale for putting them both in your book “Zines, Vol. 1”. I post this as part of the ‪#‎ABookSavedMyLife‬ campaign. Join in with…