Anonymous Fuzzball!!!


Anonymous Fuzzball!!!

A collection made up of animal wisdom, as overheard & drawn by Nicole J. Georges

54 pp, b/w with color cover

(c) 2018, limited edition


I am releasing this while on tour, so PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

$10 includes domestic shipping.

We have not get calculated international shipping, and will contact you with a new total if you need to ship international.




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Invincible Summer Issue 26


36 pp, full color

Includes diary comics, 2 Ponyo portraits,

my illustrated interview with Alison Bechdel (originally for the Nib),

“I Had A Crush On My Rapist (originally for Grab Back! assault anthology),

and MORE!


Out of stock


2022 Emotional Support Animals Calendar


2022 Emotional Support Animals Anonymous Fuzzball calendar by Nicole J. Georges. This is a full-color calendar, 5.75 x 7.18″, printed at Brown Printing in Portland, Oregon on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The calendars are in and being packaged up right now! Please be patient- your order should arrive in 1-2 weeks.


Features 12 months of support animals, with one extra Hang In There sloth page.


International Shipping Quotes!

If you are ordering 1-3 calendars Internationally, these are the shipping rates:

UK: $10.44

Canada: $9.54

Germany: $9.78

Japan: $11.39

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