Calling Dr Laura: A Graphic Memoir

When Nicole Georges was two years old, her mother told her that her father was dead. When she was twenty-three, a psychic told her he was alive. Her half-sister, saddled with guilt, admits that the psychic is right and that the whole family has conspired to keep him a secret. Sent into a tailspin about her identity, Nicole turns to radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger for advice.

Packed cover-to-cover with heartfelt and disarming black-and-white illustrations, Calling Dr. Laura tells the story of what happens to you when you are raised in a family of secrets, and what happens to your brain (and heart) when you learn the truth from an unlikely source. Part coming-of-age and part coming-out story, Calling Dr. Laura marks the arrival of an exciting and winning new voice in graphic literature.

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Fetch: How a bad dog brought me home

From an award-winning artist, a memoir of life with a difficult, beloved dog that will resonate with anybody who has ever had a less than perfectly behaved pet

When Nicole Georges was sixteen she adopted Beija, a dysfunctional shar-pei/corgi mix—a troublesome combination of tiny and attack, just like teenaged Nicole herself. For the next fifteen years, Beija would be the one constant in her life. Through depression, relationships gone awry, and an unmoored young adulthood played out against the backdrop of the Portland punk scene, Beija was there, wearing her “Don’t Pet Me” bandana.

 Georges’s gorgeous graphic novel Fetch chronicles their symbiotic, codependent relationship and probes what it means to care for and be responsible to another living thing—a living thing that occasionally lunges at toddlers. Nicole turns to vets, dog whisperers, and even a pet psychic for help, but it is the moments of accommodation, adaption, and compassion that sustain them. Nicole never successfully taught Beija “sit,” but in the end, Beija taught Nicole how to stay.
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Tell It Like It Tiz!


Tell It Like It Tiz! is a zine about senior citizens, as told by Nicole J. Georges and Marc Parker. This book is a collection of issues 1-4. 


I Have Your Back cat card


A nice card for anyone you want to tell “I am on your side”. xoxo



Original Watercolor Painting – Sloth and Mouse Valentine


Original watercolor painting by Nicole J. Georges, 5.5×9″

This is a one of a kind painting of a sloth and a mouse in a tender embrace.

Comes with free optional customization- tell me the name of your valentine & I will write it in cursive.

Order by 2/10 for V-day shipping.


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Original Illustration – Cat Royalty

$400.00 $250.00

Original Illustration by Nicole J. Georges of a Royal Cat.


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Anger Isn’t Action & Misery Isn’t Solidarity print

This print is a collaboration! It is a quote from Beth Pickens, illustrated as part of the Anonymous Fuzzball series by Nicole J. Georges.

This is based on an original gouache & ink painting by NJG.


This  print is available as an art print, card, or phone case through

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Original Watercolor Painting – Tender Dog with Flower (Copy)



Original watercolor painting by Nicole J. Georges, 4.5×5.5″

This is a one of a kind painting of a very tender dog, with a flower for your special valentine.

Comes with free optional customization- tell me the name of your valentine & I will write it in cursive.

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Anonymous Fuzzball!!!


Anonymous Fuzzball!!!

A collection made up of animal wisdom, as overheard & drawn by Nicole J. Georges

54 pp, b/w with color cover

(c) 2018, limited edition


I am releasing this while on tour, so PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

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Custom Pet Portraits


WAITING LIST NOW OPEN.  Email for details
Immortalize your loved ones in a custom ink drawings or acrylic painting. 
Illustrated pet portrait. 
Black & white drawing w/ graywash, on bristol board. Send me some photos of your pet, and whatever name or words you’d like in a banner (if you’d like one).
Illustrated pet portrait with spot color: 
Additional pets in illustrations for $200/each (please email for this option)
Large painted pet portrait.  (12×12″)  Full color. Acrylic on canvas or wood. $800
XL painted pet portrait (16×20″) Full Color Acrylic on canvas.
Up to 2 animals $1200
Additional pets in paintings $300/each (please email for this option)